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Your new career awaits

Updated: May 6, 2021

Congratulations on our path to a new career and new you with Snuggle Buddiez!!!

Becoming an Alternative Touch Therapy Specialist is

“I wish there was an option to rate sessions/snugglists as Excellent, Outstanding, Perfect. Kendra is the Babe Ruth of snuggling--always knockin' it out of the park."


With some planning and business savvy, you can have the long, healthy Touch Therapy career you have dreamed of.

Create The Environment

Picture this: You have just finished a great snuggle session in the cozy Snuggle Buddiez session room, quiet music is playing, your client says it’s the best session he’s ever had, and he rebooks for a weekly time slot. Then you clean up, relax with a cup of tea, and complete your client notes in plenty of time for your next session. You are helping people, taking care of yourself and earning a great income. Thank goodness you made a plan and took the needed steps to get there.

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