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Phase 2

Practice Meet & Greets & Sessions

Video Guide

  • The Meet and Greet:

    • Before the Meet and Greet.​

    • The greeting.

    • Invite the client to sit in  neutral location.

    • The conversation.

    • Conclusion.

  • Alternative Touch Therapy Session:

    • The first mentored session.​

    • The second mentored session.

    • The third mentored session.

  • Mentor Monitored Sessions:

    • The first two sessions.​

  • Touch Therapy Sessions.

Topics Covered

Practice Session

No Touch Areas,
Like and Dislike 
Touch Areas


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No Touch Areas pic.JPG
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Practice Session
Study Guide

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Meet & Greet 

Meet & Greet 
Talking Points

M&G and Session Checklist 1.png
M&G and Session Checklist 2.png

Practice Session Schedule 
(Click buttons to schedule)
These should all be completed as soon as possible. Scheduling is limited so you are welcome to schedule back to back if needed. Once Started, ALL PRACTICE SESSIONS SHOULD BE COMPLETED WITHIN 3 WEEKS.


You are required to do at least one Practice Session with a Volunteer, But you are welcome to do as more until you are comfortable.  Find your own volunteers, Ask your Training Manager for a list of volunteers, or ask another Alt Touch Specialist in our Private Facebook Group.


Volunteers need to fill out the Snuggle Session Survey on our website @ for you to get credit.

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